• I can do a landlord gas safety check for an offer price of £29 on any number of appliances in one property
  • I can pick up and drop off keys for your convenience
  • I will carry out a thorough check making sure that gas supply and appliances are safe
  • I can invoice via email on completion of the job along with the gas safety certificate so you have a copy as soon as I have done it
  • I am reliable and punctual
  • You can send me the details of your property as and when required via email, I can send you a reminder for next years gas safety check.
  • I can repair any gas appliance and am a combination boiler specialist, specialising in boiler repairs but will also repair gas fired when required and plumbing faults

Call me Now on 07508 297892 to book a gas safety check at my offer price of £29 or if you want to ask me any questions.

Hi I’m Jamie a local heating engineer specialising in gas safety checks, boiler repairs and boiler upgrades.
I have a young daughter called Lottie and like to spend lots of time with her, watching her grow up.
I like being a dad but also like doing a good days work too. I also enjoy riding motorbikes when i get a minute and minute and going camping (when its warm).

I am currently offering landlord  gas safety checks for a price of £29 including 3 appliances. So if if you have a gas fire, a boiler and a gas hob then the price will be £29 only

I can pick up and drop off keys at your convenience

I can send all invoices by email as well as by post along with a copy of the gas safety certificate so you have a copy as soon as I have done it

I can send you a reminder for next years gas safety check
I will carry out a thorough safety check making sure your appliances are safe

What do I check during your gas safety certificate check?
During a gas safety check the following is carried out and noted on the gas safety certificate:-
The location and make of the appliance, along with the model
Inspection of the appliance.
Flue Type , as in open flue, room sealed or flueless.
Operating pressure in kw/h btu/h or mbar.
Safety device operation.
Ventilation provision.
Chimney/ flue and termination.
Flue performance checks.
Has the appliance been serviced.
Is the appliance safe for use.
Co/ co2 ratio and combustion reading if appropriate.
Gas installation pipework, control valves, tightness testing and bonding.
If there are any defects then these will be listed on the form, and you may also get a warning notice form as well.
If the installation is at risk or dangerous then the engineer must (with the owners permission) isolate the appliance / fitting / meter, and provide you with a report.