On going training

As well as installing central heating Huddersfield wide, I keep going on training courses to learn more about boiler breakdowns. I find that with so many new boilers coming onto the market and with technology constantly improving and changing, its important to keep up. Its also a good way to meet up with others in the industry and I get to share tips and ideas about central heating Huddersfield. I went on a viessemann course recently. The boilers they produce are very good and I’ve decided to stick one in my own home, although they’re expensive. I guess you get what you pay for and I picked one up quite cheap from the heating centre Huddersfield depot.

Our website on plumbers huddersfield is reaping good dividends now. This morning I woke up feeling really upbeat and really looking forwards to a productive day at work. Harvey and I met up for the traditional fry up and a lovely hot cup of tea (or two!) and talked over the jobs we had to do today. We love ‘plumbing huddersfield’ as we call it. We had a few jobs to go to and they were scattered all over Kirklees, so I suppose we should be ‘plumbers kirklees’ really.. Fortunately I had already worked out the most efficient route between them so we just had to preview the jobs and look over the customers description of the boiler faults and have a discussion about what the possible faults could be.

With experience and training we have developed keen noses, and can sniff out the majority of the causes of issues before we even get to the customers property. We did a number of small repairs and a landlord check. We have worked on two boiler repairs today. One simple, one complicated. I knew the first fault before i arrived due to the customers explanation of what had happened. The second took a lot of searching for but once I’d narrowed the search down to likely suspects it simplified things. I enjoyed the challenge! We also had an installation. Lots of noise, mess and drilling. We are both perfectionists so always leave where we have worked in pristine condition and properly clean up before we leave.

Harvey and I try and out do each other with our knowledge of faults and regulations with the one who is wrong buying the brews for the day!

A very enjoyable days work. Thanks to plumbers huddersfield website.

After a previous career working in the health care sector I decided to retrain to work in Huddersfield as a Gas Safe Boiler Engineer Plumber. I always wanted to be a plumber but for various reasons didn’t do it. So in 2006 I went to my local technical college and enrolled on a full time plumbing course.

It was a shock to be honest as I hadn’t really done a manual job before and had to learn everything beginning with pipe bending and soldering.

Some of the course was difficult particularly the lead work which I’ve never done since- probably a good thing.

I managed to get a job with a local plumbing firm and fitted 69 bathrooms with a bit of supervision on a new build site, this was good experience and after doing the bathrooms, moved onto the central heating and helped to fit 80 central heating systems. I then decided to move forward and get into the gas side of things as the stuff the gas guys were doing on site looked more technical and interesting. So I went on a full time gas course which was a 24 week course. I had to supplement this with experience with a gas fitter and we serviced boilers, fires, cookers and water heaters as well as fitting boilers and attending to breakdowns. This experience made me realise which aspect of plumbing I wanted to do, and so since then I have been attending to boiler breakdowns and repairs. I enjoy the combination of electronics, gas, plumbing and electrical side of things and how to diagnose intermittent faults. I’m still learning all the time and have learnt from people who have worked in this industry for 30 years and more that you have to keep updating your skills as technologies keep changing.

As a qualified gas boiler engineer I like doing servicing work as well and enjoy making a gas appliance work better and more efficiently. It’s generally straight forward to do and usually produces a good result in terms of gas consumption.