When I do a Central Heating Service in Huddersfield, I check there’s no leaks in the radiator system and add a rust inhibitor but other than that it’s really a Gas Boiler Service. Huddersfield is under the same Gas Safe regulations as the rest of the UK. This is what I do whilst servicing your Gas Central Heating Systems and Gas Boilers:

Preliminary examination
•    Do a preliminary check on the gas pipe work, its route location and size
•    I check the meter to make sure everything is in order regarding gas regs.
•    I check the appliance for any signs of damage.
•    I check that the boiler is working before doing any work on it by asking the customer and switching it on to see it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing. This includes checking the room thermostat etc.
•    I then check the flame on the burner this can give an indication of any faults but not always.
•    I  check to see if the appliance is positioned correctly i.e within the correct distances from combustible materials.
•    I check to see the appliance has adequate ventilation
•    I also check to that the wring to the boiler and within the boiler is correct according to electrical regs.

Once I’ve done all this I begin with the actual gas boiler servicing. I’ve seen some Huddersfield plumbers and national companies cheat on this. They take an analyser reading by sticking a probe into the flue and if the reading is ok then that’s it and they write the invoice. I don’t do this as I believe that what goes around comes around and feel that this is ripping people off. Anyway rant over this is what I do when servicing a gas boiler.

•    I clean the heat exchanger with compressed air or with some brushes depending on how old the boiler is.
•    I remove the burner and clean
•    I remove the injectors and inspect and clean if necessary
•    I check the case seals and replace if damaged
•    I check the operation of the thermocouple if there is one (flame supervision device)
•    I check the operation of the pilot assembly and adjust if necessary
•    I check the operation of the flame rectification device (flame supervision device)
•    I test other safety devices such as an atmospheric sensing device on an open flued boiler.
•    I check the condition, location and route of the flue and terminal
•    I check the system by pass valve for correct operation.

•    I gas rate the appliance and check the working pressure of the appliance and burner pressure of the appliance and adjust if required and if possible.
•    I fill in paper work and I make a note of any defects and remedial work required on my paper work as well as written confirmation of all the work that I’ve carried out.
•    I always follow the manufacturers instructions on every gas appliance if the customer does not have them then I will find them on my laptop.
•    There maybe more steps to follow in the manufacturers instructions.
•    Any gas boiler service or central heating service will take me at least an hour and sometimes longer.
•    I charge £59 to do a central heating or gas boiler service.