Why would you get a power flush?

One of the many problems I find when repairing boilers is the heating system  is clogged up with sludge, this often causes problems with circulation of the heating circuit and regularly clogs up the pump and other parts within the boiler causing parts such as the divertor valve or flow switch to jam up as well as many others.
I decided to invest in the equipment required to carry out a full power flush, I flush the system using a magna cleanse machine, the advantages of this are as follows:
It’s much quicker than a traditional power flushing machine
The process uses less water
The machine uses the pump of the heating system to gently remove sludge from the system there by removing the possibility of damaging old radiators that may pin hole and cause leaks from the radiators. It also uses a magnet. As part of the service i fit a magna clean filter to the heating system and this is part of the price. This means substantial further protection once the flush has been completed.